2017-2018 School Supplies

2017-2018 School Supplies



Kinder pencils w/erasers  

Ticonderoga Laddie brand.                            

  (Please be sure they are Kinder

  pencils and NOT pre-schl. size)

Box of crayons (large 16 count)

Large Avery glue stick

White copy paper

Cardstock (any color)

Bottle Elmer’s glue

Ziploc bags (gallon or sandwich)

Box Dry Erase Marker (Expo)

Disinfectant Wipes

Baby Wipes



First Grade


Kleenex tissues

White copy paper

Hand Sanitizer


Second Grade

1 box Ticonderoga #2 pencils

Pink pearl erasers (repl. as needed)


White copy paper

Avery Glue Sticks

Expo white board markers

Kleenex tissues

Disinfectant wipes

Hand Sanitizer

Third Grade

#2 pencils

Pink Erasers

Expo white board markers;

(thick and thin)


(yellow, pink and green)

Reams of white copy paper

Disinfectant Wipes



Wide Ruled Paper



Fourth Grade


2” 3-ring binder

3 folders with pockets

1 box of #2 pencils

1 box colored pencils

1 box markers

1 box 24 crayons

Pencil box (8 ½ x 5 ½ )


1 subject spiral notebook

2 Hard Cover Journal Notebooks


Thin Expo white board markers

Glue sticks

White and/or color copy paper

Kleenex tissues

Disinfectant Wipes


Fifth Grade


3-ring zipper or other container to hold pencils, erasers, etc

Dark Colored Dry Erase Markers

#2 Pencils

Mechanical Pencils

Red Ball Point Pens

Pencil Top Erasers

Fine tip black sharpie


Colored pencils


Glue stick

3 Highlighters (pink, yellow & green)


3-ring binder (2”maximum size)

2 Composition Books



**If there are specific supplies your child needs you will receive a list at Back to School Night**


**Some teachers have posted their lists on Amazon.com and you will be able to purchase supplies once class assignments are posted**




Thank you J