Dress Code

Student Dress Code

Roynon Students will …

  • Follow the district dress code which includes but is not limited to:
    • Shoes must be worn at all times.  Thongs, backless shoes and backless sandals are prohibited.  Shoes with wheels are also prohibited.
    • Clothing deemed to disrupt school activities are prohibited.
    • Oversized clothing and/or sagged pants are prohibited.
    • Clothing shall be sufficient to conceal undergarments at all times. 
    • See-through or fish-net fabrics, halter tops, muscle shirts, tube tops, short shorts or cut-off shorts, off the shoulder or low cut tops and bare midriffs are prohibited.
  • Be allowed to wear sunglasses and sun protective hats during recess and lunch periods only.
  • Be allowed to wear solid color or Roynon hats for sun protective purposes only.
  • Not be allowed to wear any article of clothing, including hats, with inappropriate or professional/college sport team logos (specific clothing and hats determined by the school district to be gang-related or inappropriate may be prohibited).
  • Not be allowed to use hair tint/colors that distract from the learning environment.