J. Marion Roynon Elementary School

2715 E Street, La Verne, CA 91750  |  P: (909) 971-8207
Department of Education State of California

Roynon Elementary School

Mission Statement

J. Marion Roynon Elementary School, Home of the Raccoons, is the largest of eight elementary schools in the Bonita Unified School District located in the quaint and beautiful city of La Verne. Roynon Elementary School works collaboratively as part of a collegial school community to develop the whole child for academic and social success, both at the next level and throughout life, and to ensure that all children are provided the opportunity to reach their full potential. Students, parents, and school personnel are committed to a partnership which will provide a positive learning experience and a solid educational foundation for all students.    

Belief Statements

We Believe That:
  1. Mutual respect is a basic operating principle of the school.
  2. As a team, students, parents, and staff have unlimited capacity to achieve the goal of educating students.
  3. All students are important and should be recognized and valued as individuals.
  4. All students are capable of learning and should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential for success.
  5. Students need direction to achieve self-discipline and responsibility.
  6. Our students are entitled to a positive and nurturing learning environment.
  7. Parent participation is essential to student achievement.
  8. Our ideal curriculum stresses basic skills and high standards.
  9. A school environment should be safe, secure, clean and attractive.


If you find it within your budget to donate school supplies, it would be greatly appreciated.  The following are items that are needed throughout the school year:


Expo white board markers (thin)

Glue sticks

Highlighters (yellow, green and pink)


Hand sanitizer

Pencils (Kindergarten uses Ticonderoga Laddie brand all other grades use #2 pencils.  No mechanical pencils please.)

Thank you for your help!

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