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Wellness and self-care information and resources during school closures are available for students and families using the following link:


Roynon Run will be rescheduled. We are still collecting donations. Top of Page


Dear Roynon Families,

We need your help!  Students have until March 20th to collect donations to support our upcoming 3rd Annual Roynon Raccoon Run!  Y We appreciate all of your support!  

You should have received an email with your student’s online account information through 99 Pledges.  We have added this piece to make it easier to collect donations online. This link may be shared through email or through social media.  It is also a way to use your credit card so you can track your tax deductible donations. 

It’s as easy as clicking on the link and searching for your student by first name and teacher!  Students will get credit towards prizes from this format as well! 

Thank you for your support!  - Roynon PTA

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