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We are a Leader in Me School!
Our students and staff practice the 7 Habits daily. 
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7 habits tree flyer with tree and flow chart of habits and descriptions

7 habits tree flyer with tree and flow chart of habits and descriptions written in Spanish

On The Playground
Roynon students will...
  • Eat snacks in the snack area only
  • Not fight, "play" fight, wrestle, or use karate clipart of double swing
  • Not touch, push, kick, pinch, spit at, etc.
  • Not play tag or chase
  • Play fairly and obey the judge's or umpire's decision
  • Not run through courts or games that others are playing 
  • Promptly follow directions of all adults the first time they are given
  • Follow the rules of the game
  • Not throw sand, rocks or objects
  • Use appropriate language (no name calling, swearing, teasing, insults) 
  • Not bring toys, play equipment from home
  • Follow "freeze bell" and line up promptly
  • Not leave playground to retrieve balls
  • Clean snack area after eating
  • Walk on the blacktop
  • Run on the grassy playground areas only
  • Kick balls on the grassy playground areas only
  • Kick balls against backstops
  • Not chew gum or spit
  • Stay away from stray animals no matter how friendly they appear

Roynon students will...

  • Play in designated supervised areas only
  • Not play near the perimeter of the fence
  • Not play between buildings, portables, or storage bins

On the North side of the campus
Roynon students will...

  • Stay south of the trees
  • Not play behind rooms 7-10

Roynon students will...

  • Play by school rules
  • Play handball on designated courts
  • Not play ball against any building 

Roynon students will...

  • Play by school rules
  • Not hang on the rim of the basketball hoops
  • Not climb the pole

Bars and Rings Areas
Roynon students will...

  • Not walk, sit or stand on bars, rings, or any other hanging play equipment
  • Have hands on bars and rings at all times
  • Use rings, ladders and pull-up bars one student at a time 
  • Not have more than two at a time on the low parallel bars
  • Not run or kick in the sand area
  • Not dig or play underneath equipment

Roynon students will...

  • Use the slide one at a time
  • Use steps to go up the slide, not climb the slide
  • Go down the slide feet first
  • Remain sitting while going down the slide
  • Move away from the bottom of the slide when turn is over
  • Not climb on railings
  • Not play around the slide

In the Classroom
Roynon students will...

  • Follow the individual classroom discipline plan
  • Promptly follow the directions of all adults the first time they are given
  • Respect the teacher and others at all times

In the Restroom
Roynon students will...

  • Use restrooms and drinking fountains at recess times, which are provided for those purposes
  • Absolutely not play in the restroom
  • Always put paper towels in the trash cans only
  • Not throw paper towels or wads of paper

In the Hallways
Roynon students will...

  • Walk in the hallways at all times
  • Walk quietly past other classrooms
  • Be alert to doors opening

In the Lunch Areas
Roynon students will...brown lunch bag with split sandwich, milk and an apple

  • Stand in line, be patient, and keep hands and feet to yourself 
  • NOT share food items of any kind
  • Talk quietly to neighbors only
  • Use best table manners 
  • Not throw food, paper or other objects
  • Pick up trash and leave table and eating area as clean as it was when you sat down
  • Sit quietly until dismissed by campus aide 
  • Promptly and respectfully follow directions given by all campus aides

Dismissal Time
Roynon students will...

  • Wait to be dismissed by the teacher
  • Walk from the classroom
  • Leave the school grounds promptly
  • Absolutely not loiter or play on school grounds
  • Not disturb other classrooms 
  • Not wait for upper grade dismissal of older brothers, sisters, other family members, or friends
  • Report to Office if transportation does not arrive