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Taking responsibility for behavior and reaping the benefits of responsible behavior is the goal of Accountability Concepts.  Accountability Concepts is based on the six pillars of good character and is incorporated at school and at home in order to promote learning about and being able to act consistently on the following characteristics:  RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-CONTROL, SELFLESSNESS, WORK ETHIC, ATTITUDE,  and TRUST.


Each student will have a pyramid in the classroom.  The six characteristics are represented on the pyramid.  If a child demonstrates a lack of a trait, he/she loses a pyramid piece until it is corrected.  Students are to problem-solve and come up with solutions that would be acceptable in order to earn the missing piece back.  Each day, there will be opportunities for 5 Minutes of Fun for students who have all of their pieces in place.

The key to the success of Accountability Concepts is the connection to home and the support of parents.  We will be able to accomplish more working together to teach the children the skills for success than any of us can do alone. 


Click here for the Accountability Concepts website.



On The Playground
Roynon students will...
  • Eat snacks in the snack area only
  • Not fight, "play" fight, wrestle, or use karate 
  • Not touch, push, kick, pinch, spit at, etc.
  • Not play tag or chase
  • Play fairly and obey the judge's or umpire's decision
  • Not run through courts or games that others are playing 
  • Promptly follow directions of all adults the first time they are given
  • Follow the rules of the game
  • Not throw sand, rocks or objects
  • Use appropriate language (no name calling, swearing, teasing, insults) 
  • Not bring toys, play equipment from home
  • Follow "freeze bell" and line up promptly
  • Not leave playground to retrieve balls
  • Clean snack area after eating
  • Walk on the blacktop
  • Run on the grassy playground areas only
  • Kick balls on the grassy playground areas only
  • Kick balls against backstops
  • Not chew gum or spit
  • Stay away from stray animals no matter how friendly they appear
Respect one another

Roynon students will...

  • Play in designated supervised areas only
  • Not play near the perimeter of the fence
  • Not play between buildings, portables, or storage bins

On the North side of the campus
Roynon students will...

  • Stay south of the trees
  • Stay west of the baseball diamond
  • Not play behind rooms 7-10

Roynon students will...

  • Play by school rules
  • Play handball on designated courts
  • Not play ball against any building 

Roynon students will...

  • Play by school rules
  • Not hang on the rim of the basketball hoops
  • Not climb the pole

Bars and Rings Areas
Roynon students will...

  • Not walk, sit or stand on bars, rings, or any other hanging play equipment
  • Have hands on bars and rings at all times
  • Use rings, ladders and pull-up bars one student at a time 
  • Not have more than two at a time on the low parallel bars
  • Not run or kick in the sand area
  • Not dig or play underneath equipment

Roynon students will...

  • Use the slide one at a time
  • Use steps to go up the slide, not climb the slide
  • Go down the slide feet first
  • Remain sitting while going down the slide
  • Move away from the bottom of the slide when turn is over
  • Not climb on railings
  • Not play around the slide

In the Classroom
Roynon students will...

  • Follow the individual classroom discipline plan
  • Promptly follow the directions of all adults the first time they are given
  • Respect the teacher and others at all times

At Assemblies
Roynon students will...

  • Enter the assembly quietly and as quickly as possible
  • Sit cross-legged with hands in lap
  • Watch and listen for the direction of the principal or administrative designee
  • Be polite and respectful
  • Stay in own space
  • Use active listening skills as taught by teachers
  • Have eyes and ears attentive to speakers and performers
  • Use applause to show appreciation.  Booing, cheering, yelling, hooting, jeering, and putting-down behaviors are prohibited and will not be tolerated.
  • Remain seated until dismissed by teacher

In the Restroom
Roynon students will...

  • Use restrooms and drinking fountains at recess times, which are provided for those purposes
  • Absolutely not play in the restroom
  • Always put paper towels in the trash cans only
  • Not throw paper towels or wads of paper

In the Hallways
Roynon students will...

  • Walk in the hallways at all times
  • Walk quietly past other classrooms
  • Be alert to doors opening

In the Lunch Areas
Roynon students will...

  • Stand in line, be patient, and keep hands and feet to yourself 
  • NOT share food items of any kind
  • Talk quietly to neighbors only
  • Use best table manners 
  • Not throw food, paper or other objects
  • Pick up trash and leave table and eating area as clean as it was when you sat down
  • Sit quietly until dismissed by campus aide 
  • Promptly and respectfully follow directions given by all campus aides

Dismissal Time
Roynon students will...

  • Wait to be dismissed by the teacher
  • Walk from the classroom
  • Leave the school grounds promptly
  • Absolutely not loiter or play on school grounds
  • Not disturb other classrooms 
  • Not wait for upper grade dismissal of older brothers, sisters, other family members, or friends
  • Report to Office if transportation does not arrive


Cell phones are discouraged at elementary school.  If a child possesses a cell phone at school, it will be:

  • Out of sight at all times including before and after school and up to when a child is safely off of school property.
  • Turned off at all times.
  • If a cell phone rings at school or is seen by an adult, the cell phone will be confiscated and returned to a parent only.